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Team Coaching

Bring out the best in your people.

We create the fun that makes work, work.

When your team is able to have fun together, they are able to see each other in their best. You know that feeling when you are laughing and make eye contact? Those are the moments shared joy that open the path to trust, vulnerability, making tough decisions, and working together on creative solutions. 

As team coaches, we facilitate processes of team alignment, community engagement, and multi-stakeholder decision-making. 


In addition to facilitating processes, we provide skills training related to communication, conflict, and collaboration.  Our background in applied Improvisation and team coaching informs how we work with groups, what we believe in, and what we focus on.  


If you are in a larger process involving diverse stakeholders, bring us in to consult on the process and on the design of process elements; to facilitate a component of the process, whether it is gathering community input, or a working session to identify priorities or generate solutions. 

Our approach

  • Theoretical framework

  • Shared language

  • Practical tools

  • Expert facilitation

Professional Development Topics

Collaboration Skills

Conflict Transformation

Decision making


Building influence

Status and Power

Our Clients Say

"Thank you for keeping us on task and always pushing us to take responsibility. I think it's easy for us to talk and be in our heads and I so appreciate what happens when we have to put the work into our bodies."
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