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Event Facilitation

Creating transformational online events

In-person events provide invaluable networking opportunities and build the cohesiveness of effective teams, yet they’ve been wiped from the calendar for the foreseeable future.

Now you’re facing the choice of outright canceling your event or moving it online. A virtual event seems like the next best thing until you realize the complexity of translating an in-person design to an online experience.

You’re thinking

  • How can we keep people engaged and deliver the same value?

  • Is it even possible to create those serendipitous moments that occur in physical spaces?

  • The stakes for getting this right are high, and we've never done this before.

The magic of in-person events is in those serendipitous moments, unexpected conversations, and connections that stay with people long after the conference or retreat ends.

And... all of these things are possible with online events when they’re designed for meaningful interaction.

We design and facilitate online experiences that are fun, sophisticated, and build real relationships in the virtual space.


The best training we've ever had here.

Project Manager

Invaluable. Outstanding return on investment.

Chief Project Officer


Team Leadership and Executive Coaching

Create the infrastructure your team needs to perform at their highest level

Shared trust and goals are the connective tissues that bind teams together and enable them to perform under stress, uncertainty, and ambiguity - but, none of this can occur without psychological safety.

Research has revealed psychological safety is the number one predictor of team performance under conditions of uncertainty and interdependence. However most believe getting there is a heavy or intense endeavor. We think otherwise: Science shows people are most open and engaged when they’re having fun.

Are you grappling with

  • Onboarding new employees or retention on a virtual team?

  • A recently merged team that's struggling to create a culture of trust?

  • Highly-competent people who are working in silos rather than collaborating?

Our approach leverages applied improvisation with science, psychology, and coaching to create the team dynamics necessary to reach your most important goals. It reveals the default patterns of a group’s dynamics and retrains people on how to be together so they can operate at their highest level. 

The genius of applied improvisation is that it requires communication, collaboration, and the ability to hear, respond, and adapt to what’s in front of you. 

​Think of our work together as a playground for your team to unearth broken behavioral systems hindering their success and create new processes that allow them to perform at their best.

​If you’re looking to unify your team and create the infrastructure necessary to enable your people to exceed expectations in a remote world, we’d love to chat about custom solutions.


Augmented and Virtual Reality Facilitation

Explore new frontiers in professional development training

Technology is continuously pushing the envelope around what’s possible for teams in a remote-first world and we believe in leveraging it to pioneer new ways of facilitating team building and professional experiences.

Our team is cutting edge in our approach to building high-caliber teams and as such, we don’t shy away from experimentation and playing in novel environments to create one-of-a-kind experiences for multiple scenarios. We’ve partnered with multiple organizations to bring their out of the box ideas to life. 

Are you curious about:

  • Using virtual reality to facilitate your annual retreat?

  • Taking advantage of augmented reality for your next quarterly planning meeting?

  • Leveraging a 3D world for mingling at your upcoming conference?

If you’re looking or new modalities to bring people together in a remote world, our team will partner with you and push the boundaries of what you thought was possible so you can create an experience your people will remember.


Interested in learning about how we can help you and your team?