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Creating Transformational Online Events
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The formal program was 2 hours long and the last person left the call 5 hour later. It was extraordinary. Exceeded all our expectations and engaged people we never would have reached in person.

By converting to online, our annual signature event fundraiser brought in over three times as much money in donations this year.


How We Serve

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Virtual Event Production

Creating transformational online events

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Team Leadership and Executive Coaching

Create the infrastructure your team needs to perform at their highest level


Augmented and Virtual Reality Facilitation

Explore new frontiers in professional development training


Erica Marx Coaching

We help teams break free of the the hidden dynamics holding them back from operating at their highest potential. The work we do plays at the intersection of science, psychology, leadership coaching and applied improvisation. We create experiences where teams can be open and authentic, build trust, and perform at their best.


Erica Marx Coaching unequivocally stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

As a business and members of the community, we are committed to do the ongoing work to eradicate white supremacy and create a just and inclusive world. Anyone working to end systemic, institutionalized racism is welcome to take our training programs for free. 




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