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Virtual Event Design and Technical Production

We specialize in working with groups, associations, and coalitions of people where success is dependent on the quality and effectiveness of interactions among and between members in service to a common goal that everyone cares about achieving. 

Typically these gatherings involve

  • Bringing together diverse groups of stakeholders and perspectives

  • Including multiple points of view and experiences

  • Relationship-building and collaboration among group members

  • Working toward a shared goal of social change

Let our team help you design an online event that exceeds your expectations and takes away all the stress of the technical production so you can enjoy your event! 

I am over the moon. I never expected so much from an online event.

Thank you. Seriously, it was amazing.

There is no way we could have done this without you. I can’t even imagine.

Package Components

This consulting package provides comprehensive program design and technical support to create an online event that achieves your goals while building capacity on your planning team to design future events.

We partner with your event team to provide strategic consultation on program design, coach your presenters, and provide complete day-of event production including technical support for participants. 

Event Team Consulting Sessions

In these sessions you will receive facilitation design expertise and technical tips to make your online event a success. 

We will start by understanding your goals and provide specific recommendations for design flow, help you problem-solve challenges, provide clarity and help you make decisions, share specific activities to achieve your objectives, and co-create the event program schedule with your team. 

Each consultation session will result in action items for the event team to keep the production schedule on track. 

Consultation session topics

  • Determination of goals and both quantitative & qualitative measures of success

  • Consultation on overall event design and strategy

  • Consultation on registration, promotion, and online evaluation

  • Design of interactive program elements including

    • Opening and closing sessions

    • Professional and social networking

    • Plenary sessions and keynote presentations

    • Panel discussions and interviews

    • Exhibitor and sponsor activities, poster sessions, fundraising

    • Breakout room activities and discussion prompts

    • Informal relationship-building segments 

    • Real-time data generation and capture

    • Music and media sharing 

    • Transition activities, breaks, afterparty

  • Co-creation of detailed program schedule with event team

  • Technical training of events team 

  • Demo of virtual event platform 

  • Practice sessions with events team

  • Production of a cue-to-cue Run of Show for your event

Presenter Design and Technical Support Sessions

In these sessions we work with your presenters and panelists on delivery, engagement, and use of interactive elements within the Zoom platform. We start by understanding their goals, offer design consultation, and share how we can support their presentation with interactive elements. Examples of interactive elements include random or pre-assigned groups for small group discussions, polls, chat prompts, word clouds, collaborative whiteboards, music, and activities that energize and connect participants. 

During this time we will also test audio and visual quality, camera position, bandwidth, internet speed and review the use of any Zoom controls and 3rd party apps used in their presentation and troubleshoot all technical issues. Speakers may use this time to practice the technical aspects of their presentation or receive feedback on the delivery of their presentation, including advice on how to incorporate storytelling and engage online audiences. Blocks of time will be provided for presenters to sign up for individually or in small groups.

Technical Rehearsal

During the technical rehearsal we will walk through the cue-to-cue transitions of all elements of the event from start to finish. Event team members, speakers, emcee(s), and anyone involved in the event production may choose to be present for this rehearsal. The technical rehearsal will be scheduled within a week of the event.

Event Production

It’s showtime! On the day(s) of your event, we will work closely with the events team to provide comprehensive technical support of your virtual event. Depending on your event design, this may include being your MCs, facilitation of program elements, or only the behind-the-scenes technical production. 

  • Creating breakout rooms and managing concurrent sessions

  • Providing technical support to participants and presenters

  • Working with interpreters and closed caption services

  • Sharing slides, videos, and music

  • Answering questions in chat, monitoring Q & A 

  • Collecting participant data during event

  • Troubleshooting technical issues in the moment

  • Managing participant interactions 

  • Providing interactive opportunities over breaks

  • Day-of adaption of program flow, as needed by event team

  • MC and front-of-the room facilitation as desired

  • Onboarding and spotlighting speakers

  • Dedicated technical support desk for participants (phone, text, Zoom, email)

  • ‘Green room’ support for speakers

  • Recording of event 

  • Post-production editing of videos

  • Data capture & recording as needed for CEU credits

Debrief and Recommendations Meeting

After the event, we will meet to review results of the quantitative and qualitative measures used to evaluate success. The purpose of this meeting is to generate insights, share observations, and provide recommendations for next steps to build on the strengths and successes of the event.

Guest presenters

We are a team of leadership and team coaches that build positive, creative, and collaborative teams through fun and interactive experiences that are grounded in the science of team performance. If desired, we can be guest presenters within your event. 

As guest presenters, we will work closely with your leadership team to create a customized keynote presentation, workshop, and/or training sequence that aligns with your goals for the program segments, as well as serves the overall goals of your event.

Popular topics for programs are building trust and cohesion, improving communication skills, leading through change and uncertainty, and the application of principles of improvisational theater to leadership and team performance.See workshop descriptions for transformational design and collaboration skills.

Workshops for your team

This package includes free registration in any public training programs offered by Erica Marx Coaching for members of the event team and your presenters during the contract period.

Individual Consultation Sessions

Borrow our brains!

In private consultation sessions you will receive facilitation design expertise and technical tips to make your online event a success. We will start by understanding your goals and provide specific recommendations for design flow, help you problem-solve challenges, provide clarity and help you make decisions, and share specific activities to achieve your objectives.

Included in the session
*. Video recording of the session
* Ready-to-use activity descriptions
* SessionLab outline created in session

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